Top 5 Guitar Gadgets

Whether you’re a guitarist that loves to treat his guitar with some fancy devices or a just a guitarist’s good friend looking for a nice present, it’s always quite a problematic issue to find something decent for this popular musical instrument. If you know what I mean, it’s a marvel you’ve come across this article!

Here comes the top 5 of guitar gadgets.

1. Intellitouch PT1 Tuner

Any guitarist will say that such thing as Intellitouch PT1 Tuner is a top choice! In fact, this gadget is designed not only for acoustic guitars and basses but also for banjos, violins, mandolins and many other musical instruments. It tunes everything without any wires, pickups or microphones. Intellitouch is even smarter as it remembers all your adjustments as presets.

2. Shubb Capo Noir 6 String Guitar Capo

Another smashing thing is Shubb Capo Noir 6 String Guitar Capo. Basically, the capo was manufactured specifically for steel string guitars. However, it works equally well on acoustic guitars too! To date, Shubb is considered as one of the best at capo manufacturing. So, you can’t lose with this device!

3. Planet Waves Varigrip

Meanwhile, Planet Waves Varigrip is intended for those who suffer from long and tense performing. This gadget is more like a massaging device that will make your fingers stronger and more ready for breaking world records on guitar playing!

4. Planet Waves Pro Winder Tool

Planet Waves Pro Winder Tool will also delight a guitarist that knows well what a guitar is for! This restringing tool is a fantastic peg winder. It has a high-quality built-in clipper. The device fits all kinds of guitars as well as banjos and mandolins.

5. Guizmo Guitar Gizmo Multipurpose Too

Let’s finish our top 5 of guitar gadgets with Guizmo Guitar Gizmo Multipurpose Tool. It is a universal tool for any musician, especially guitarist as you never know what’s going to happen with your instrument. It fixes anything in any time. What does it have? Well, it has everything starting with a string cutter and needle nose pliers and ending with freestanding LED flashlight and string winder attachments. Nice package? You bet!

Simply look at these jaw-dropping babes and treat yourself!

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    Want to try a G7th capo?
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